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Thursday, 18 August 2016

U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow by Snuggle Up

For those of you pregnant at the moment, are you struggling like I was from around 20 weeks to get at all comfortable? If so keep reading! 
I was very kindly asked to trial the award winning 'U Shaped' pregnancy pillow from Snuggle Up.

The pillow arrived and aside from it being the softest pillow I have ever had, it is absolutely massive & super snuggly! 

Snuggle up have a huge range of pillows to choose from, I personally love the U Shaped one as you can literally lay your whole body on it and really make your bump comfortable. 

I was getting the dreaded tightenings from the 20 week mark & a pregnancy pillow for me was absolutely essential to be able to get comfortable, mainly watching TV downstairs late at night. 

Now my pregnancy has come to an end I am still finding uses for it. It is perfect to relax on & I find it really useful for feeding baby in comfort. 

The original U shaped pregnancy pillow comes in 7 different colours, was a gold winner in the Mummii awards, With the added aroma of lavender that coats the inner fabric, it will help you relax even further, the fillings are also hypo allergenic which is perfect. 

You can find the U shaped pillow here

Watch my video review on the pillow! (Linked below)  

How did you get comfortable during pregnancy?!

Love Rebecca, Leia's Mummy x 

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

UV Gel Nails At Home (Shellac)

I am absolute lover of a shellac or gel nail. Up until around a year ago I always went for the permanent white tip as I found they stayed on the longest and just look really classy. 
Now although I love that look I am also an absolute sucker for a bright pink nail and most of my polish collection is a pink shade.
Now my time is so full with two girls, I am always looking for at home quick fixes! 

I watched a Mrs Meldrum video (as you do) last week where she was showing her at home gel nails. 
I am usually a procrastinator about purchases and um and ah for a few days before taking the plunge but my UV Gel kit, the prep & prime, gel remover & a base coat and colour had been purchased before I reached the end of the video! 

The whole kit arrived with me the next day (impressive!) & immediately i wanted to get my nails iced up. 

The lamp came with 4 UV bulbs - easily inserted in to 4 slots. 

The process is very simple. Literally base coat of polish, cure for 2 minutes (I didn't buy a base coat but use a the top coat as a base and that worked fine for me!), one thin coat of colour, cure for 2 minutes, repeat step 2, then a top coat, cure for 2 minutes under the lamp, then wipe of with your prep & polish wipe. It really is that easy! 

I love the look and would recommend you giving it a go if you haven't got the time like me to be sitting in a salon for an hour! 

This for me is a much cheaper, more effective look & I looove it! 

What do you do with your nails, at home or go to the salon?

Take a look at my video on youtube for a full run down! 

Products mentioned 

Bluesky Gel Polish in Gotcha
Bluesky Gel Polish in Summer Splash
Shinerlac Top Coat
Mylee Gel Polish Remover
Mylee Prep & Wipe
Mylee 4 Bulp UV Lamp 36W
OPI Carrie Underwood Dripping Honey

Rebecca, Leia's Mummy x

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